BBC Music Magazine

I have all of the BBC Music Magazine CDs and continue to receive the latest each month.
Can anyone tell me if Roon has access to these in it’s metadata search? I have found that whearas Roon seems to pick up the very basic essentials, it misses out on the detail: indeed, some do not seem to have any detail at all except for the tracks. It has become a huge, eclectic resource and to have chapter and verse on each one would be excellent.

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I have 170 BBC Music Mag CDs. All identified

I have 370 (all of them) and some are pretty sparce of details. Without looking, I wonder if they may be the earlier ones. I will investigate.

Tim: Mine go from Volume I, Number 4 to Volume 14, Number 8

Thanks David. That means that my assumption is probably not correct. I will continue to investigate.

I use Collectorz Music Collector to store all the details of my music (not just CDs). This shows that I have 370 CDs under the label ‘BBC Music Magazine’. Roon (after a bit of editing) shows that I have 332.
Music Collector picks up the metadata from on-line, so does Roon (I assume?). Roon is missing 38.
I use dBpoweramp to rip my CDs. I have noticed that the metadata that appears from the BBC CDs seems to depend on the person assigned to upload the details at the time. It does vary.
As Roon relies on the metadata present in the ripped files, it seems that there are 38 slipping through the net.
No way am I going to re-rip all my BBC CDs and carefully edit the metadata of each as I go. That way madness lies!
Unless anyone can come up with a brilliant idea, I suspect that I am going to have to live with this for a bit. I will need to keep my eyes open for any entries that pop up under a different label which obviously belong in the BBC camp.
Coupling this with the fact that I have some BBC CDs with missing metadata, I can see that I will have my work cut out!
Oh good grief: I thought this was meant to be fun!

Is it possible to list all the ‘unidentified’ albums? Can’t seem to find a way. Probably just missing it.

  1. Go to the Albums Browser
  2. Focus > Inspector > Identified
  3. Click on the “+” in the Identified button to turn it into a NOT condition (i.e. Unidentified).

The browser then displays all your unidentified albums…

As simple as that! Many thanks.

I’ve been through some of the BBC Music Magazine albums with a tag editor and it’s only now that I find that they are a complete shambles. Information is mostly there but it all seems to reflect the idiosyncrasies of the person entering it. Most obvious is the lack of and the format the Album reference number takes. It’s never been an issue before. It’s only because Roon attempts to retrieve more information that it has come to light.
What would be useful would be a way for Roon to search through a label randomly so that the user could pick out the correct album without the system being forced to use available metadata. As appropriate that may be in most cases, it does restrict the user to picking from a list pre-populated by the available metadata.
I suspect however that for the rare occasions when this would be useful (good old BBC), it would not be worth introducing the facility. What do you think?

The moral of the story is for everyone to have thought of this issue before they have ripped a single CD. If we all were aware of the pitfalls, we could devlop a routine to ensure all information required is present in the right format.
Oh the joys of hindsight!

This continues to be an issue. With the recent talk about Valence and the power it is supposed to bring to the detail of each album, I find it strange that it still cannot identify the CDs. If is able to identify them each month without issue, could it be that there is a supplier of metadata out there which Roon is simply not using?
Where Roon states that it can identify the album, it invariably seems to be the details supplied by the original rip. Unless it can find the entry in a global directory, it will never be ably to do a deep search on all asects of the album in question.