BBC National Radio station not playing

This has just happened 15.30 ish BBC Local stations seem to be playing.
AAC files play without issue.
Any ideas?

I see similar. For each one I have to try, go away, come back, and then all OK.

Does that work (in the loosest sense) for you?

No, not that fault, just now BBCs 2, 4, 6 Music, 4 extra, 5 Live just do not play reliably. I am listening to BBC Radio Essex fine.
Playback interrupted warning comes up

Having jumped the hoops to get Radio 6 working, it’s been ok for the last 5 mins. I tried 3 different R6 streams.

Do you have problems with Rémi’s stream (the 129 mp3)?

129 MP3 played. All other streams played on 6Music

This is 320 AAC screenshot

I’m still having no problems with that stream.
You can play aac amd mp3 so can’t be a codecs problem.
Can you play non BBC streams, in particular, not .m3u8 ones (though I can’t see why that should be affecting you)?

Silly question - have you rebooted?

I will have to now
Silly me, first rule of Roon… Re Boot. All working now

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