BBC Radio 2 - High quality stream

Roon does not make the high bitrate stream available outside uk, but since I am on a VPN I am virtually in the uk - therefore the high quality stream runs fine on my Mac.

I made an extra BBC Radio 2 HQ station with the above link, but get “playback failed because a track failed to load”, how can I fix this?


Try using http instead of https. If shouldn’t make any difference here but I have seen instances where Roon doesn’t like the secure version.

Otherwise, the intricacies between VPN and Roon means I don’t know.

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sadly that did not do the trick. But thanks.

Could you please add the 320 aac Version to BBC Radio 2 - so that it shows up, even if users are not in the uk?

I only have 2 lower quality versions to choose from.

If your Roon Core is behind a VPN pointing to the UK, the 320 AAC stream shows up.

Roon does a geo lookup to determine whether or not to show the UK only stream. The fact that the stream is not showing implies something awry with your VPN setup.

I can play the hires stream from all devices at my home. iPhone, Mac, everywhere. I would just like to be able to get it via roon.
Well it is not a vpn - it is a dns service. So that is probably why it does not change the region via geolocation on roon.
Is there no way to override the geolocation in Roon, well for users like me?
Or could you please post the bbc 2 hires stream link that works within Roon, so I can make a manual Station of it?

Ok, I’ve added a station just for you - Domstest. Use the magnifying glass to find it.

It has the BBC radio 2 stream with no geo tag so roon will display it for you.

I don’t think it will work, but we’ll give it a go.

If your VPN isn’t working for Roon, the BBC won’t allow the stream, no matter what roon says.

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It works!!! Thank you!!

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Well well, I’ll be dipped…

Strange that the link does not work on the bbc station that I had created. Seems to be the same.

Well now I have my very own official roon station :wink:

Did I choose a good station image?

It is so perfect, I am lost for words :laughing:

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@brianw but there is still one thing I do not understand. In the station I had created for BBC 2, I have exactly the same stream link that you used for my Teststation. Yours works perfectly, mine does not.
I actually have a few stations I created that used to work and do not anymore.

It should theoretically be the same, or not?

I think it’s because Roon first tries to matche that stream with one it already knows about. It then sees a geo restriction and thus denies access. (Roon’s location check puts you outside the UK)

yes, that makes sense. But there are also other problems with radios that I added and that are in my geolocation. The stream works perfectly on my Mac, but not anymore on Roon. Adding with tune in link does not do the trick.


This radio station is not in the Roon radio database.

I’ve added Radio Paradiso for you.

(Roon didn’t like the https streams, but changed them to http)

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Thanks that was quick.

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