BBC Radio 2 not playing

Anyone else having trouble with the BBC Radio AAC 96 connection? I’m in Madeira and was able to listen fine. The AAC 192 link has always shown as not available in my location, but the lower quality stream has worked fine. All I get now is that playback is stopped because a track failed to load.

Hi @jobseeker, I’ve just tried the 96 stream here in UK and also through Roon’s US servers without problems.

Do BBC radios 1,3 or 4 have any problems for you?
Or, indeed, any other stations?

Thanks. Radio Paradise is fine, I will check out another couple of BBC stations.

Well, BBC Radio 3 is fine, so it’s a bit of a mystery.

Just added an mp3 stream. Does that work?

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Indeed it does!

Can it be that you use a self made/stored/edited version out of the “My Live Radio” section in Roon? When I look-up the station out of Roon’s radio directory (“Live Radio”) there’s only the AAC 96kbps stream and the geo-blocked AAC 340kbps stream available. The AAC 96 kbps is working here.

I just stored whatever was presented as standard in Roon into my library by the normal screen options. I see that the geo blocked one does now say 340, though I would have sworn it originally said 192. It could be my mistake though. In any event, the problem is with the default 96 stream.

Can we try the 96k radio 2 stream in a browser window?

To save you the trouble of extracting the url, here it is

That’s taking me to a page with a non-responsive > play symbol but with a line through it.

I wondered. That points to a problem outside of Roon.

Just to check, you say this stream is OK?

Going back a bit, why is the high quality stream geo-blocked for you? Aren’t you in the UK?

Edit. Ahh, you said you are in Madeira, but your IP says UK.

Yes that plays fine in the web page. I’m in Madeira. But I’ve not had problems with that 96 stream up to now.

Are you using a VPN?

No just the normal internet. I’ve just used my phone on 4g to get to a web page with the 96 stream on it and that does work.
Edit - I don’t actually know if the place I’m staying at is using a VPN, it’s owned by an English couple but they are resident here. I don’t think so, as Sky TV recognises that I’m not in the UK.

Hmm. Your IP address shows as UK. I’ll PM you with what I think it is. I wonder if this is the problem.

Hang on, it now shows Madeira, so forget that.

Something funny going on.

I am replying on my mobile phone now in another part of the property, but still on the main wifi of the property, albeit provided by another router. I think the main router is the only one doing DNS and NAT though. The main Roon system is hard wired downstairs. I was in the UK up to February this year. Actually I think this phone is probably jumping between wifi and 4g at the moment.

So does it look as if when you’re on the house Wi-Fi you can’t access the BBC and when you’re on 4G you can?
Some VPN’s don’t like streaming but I dont know why the other streams you tried worked and Radio 2 didn’t.

I can’t actually guarantee the details of the internet set up in this property. It seems there are three wireless networks, installed by the telephone/broadband provider NOS. Each area has a separate router providing wifi, though I’m assuming that IP addresses etc are only being allocated from the master one upstairs (I’m not an expert on this kind of thing). So I can’t get on Roon from that network, which is the one I’m on now. However, from this phone, both those BBC streams will play Via the web when I’m on 4g, but the 96 AAC stream will not play on wifi. However, the 96 stream has always played fine in Roon until today and there have been no changes in the set up. The high bit rate stream has never shown as being available here.

I’m certainly grateful for the additional 138 MP3 link.