BBC Radio 2 not playing

@jobseeker. I think I know where the problem lies. The radio 2 stream is https and negotiates an http/2 protocol once connected. The radio 3 stream for some reason has been set up as http and uses http/1.1 protocol which seems OK for your setup.

I don’t know why this should cause a problem for your VPN but as it makes no difference to Roon radio, I’ll change the radio 2 stream accordingly.

Please let me know if things work.


Will check k it out as soon as I can get back to the system, thanks.

Just tried it but the problem remains the same ‘playback was interrupted because a track failed to load’.

The 128 Kbps mp3 stream works fine though, which is great.

That makes no sense.
Radios 2 and 3 streams now have same server, same protocol, same codec, but you can receive one but not the other.

I give up.

Enjoy your mp3

Sure beats the hell out of me, but I’m certainly grateful for the support and workaround.

You win some, you lose some. Enjoy your music.
Let me know if anything changes.