BBC Radio 6 Music Broken

BBC were broadcasting that the URL used to listen to their stations would fail at the beginning of April and their BBC Sounds App would be the only way to listen.

BBC Radio 2 appears and works, however Radio 6 Music is broken on the old URL and needs updating if possible. My Saturday 6hr music fix of Giles Peterson and Craig Charles keeps me sane.

Apologies is this issue has already been resolved; I did search for it however just found old unrelated threads.

Tagging @BrianW .

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BBC Radio 6 Music works with Roon and uses the following default stream in the UK. @BrianW already updated these a few weeks back.

@David_Waterman if you added Radio 6 manually you’ll need to update this.


Sods Law I found a post on how to find the 6 Music stream, search for 6 Music resulted in nadda, search for BBC Radio 6 Music returned the station, in need of REGEX.

Hello @David_Waterman, yes, search can sometimes do strange things (and @joel will now be aware!).

Pleased you are now sorted.

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