BBC Radio 6 Music MetaData no longer showing ( outside of UK ?)

Anyone else seeing the same issue ? The currently shipping streams in Roon for BBC Radio 6 Music seem to have stopped showing Metadata in past week(s)? I haven’t been able to find any replacements that work - the metadata is still being shown by!/0?socketid=lMwuni6C2BEUqEMFAABF for example, but I can’t seem to find the stream addresses there any more as they don’t seem discoverable inside Roon


Sorry, yes, I updated my server and it caused some issues on the Roon side. Hopefully this will be solved in the next hours (@nathan working on it). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Oh ! Thanks so much - are your streams the ones that are referred to directly in the official stations list through some sort of indirection, or will I need to add your own stream URL directly into the stations list, Rémi ? ( all I see in Roon for Radio 6 are the or stream links )

Yes, nothing to do on the user side, integration of metadata with the streams is done by your Roon server and presented to you. Hold on for a while until the bug is resolved, I am trusting @nathan on this one.
The positive: people like you (or me) do miss the feature when it’s gone, which means it’s a good feature :slight_smile:


Is this affecting the Metadata service for RTE stations also?

Yes all stations are affected… Fix is on its way… Sorry for the inconvenience

Problem solved, metadata flowing again.


Works perfectly thanks so very much for doing this I am so very very grateful of all the work you have done over the years in this space !

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