BBC radio dropouts on Sonos One v1

Roon Core Machine

Visualised Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS, 4gb ram, 2 cpu. Loads of headroom, basically idle most of the time.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fortiswitch 124D
Fortigate 60E
VirginMedia Business 350 mbps
All wired on cat6

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos one (v1) grouped as a pair in Sonos, then in Roon I have applied DSP settings to the pair to take account of speaker positioning.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Playing ANY BBC radio stream for any BBC station on either AAC or MP3, I get occasional drop outs when playing to the Sonos.
However when playing to my DAC connected to my stereo I get no drop outs on the same streams.
Playing other stations (non BBC) to the Sonos end points I get no drop outs (e.g. jazz FM, Absolute, SomaFM etc)

I have found a work around as follows to remove the drop outs. this may help diagnose the issue.

  1. Play the MP3 128K stream not the AAC96k or AAC320K streams.
  2. in Roon device set up for the Sonos. on the advanced section, set "Max bits per sample (PCM) to 16 not 24.
  3. In the Sonos app, set the compression from “Automatic” to “Uncompressed”

This combination results in stability. Changing any of the above results in drop outs.
Note my Sonos are wired not wifi, and the network is 100% not at fault in this instance.


Ben here with the support team, thanks for taking the time to write in. It’s great to see you in the community again! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into audio dropouts when listening to BBC radio.

I have a few follow-up questions for you:

  1. Do similar issues occur while playing audio from your system output?
  2. Are you able to grab a few timestamps of when the dropouts occur? That way, we can enable diagnostics on your account and take a look into what might be going on specifically at the time of the issue.
  3. Are the Sonos up-to-date on the most recent firmware?

To confirm, how are your Sonos connected to your router? You mention most of your setup is hardwired via cat6, are your Sonos included in this?

As simple as it sounds, disabling the pair from Roon and resetting the endpoints often times solve dropout issues. Let me know if you’ve tried this, and if your issues persist after doing so.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :pray:

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