BBC Radio Playback Interruptions

Hello @connor, BBC 6 just stopped playing at 0703 (BST) this morning for me.

I now run Roon on Nucleus and so not sure how to get the logs - I’ll read up on that today!


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Hi @Tim_Clegg,

Thank you for your diligence and for the precision of your report! If you have a moment to submit logs, you can find instructions in this Help Center article for accessing them on a Nucleus device.

Here is a link for uploading logs for the tech support and QA teams to review.

If you’re out and about and don’t have a chance to submit, that’s not a problem. The team can also pull an automatic diagnostic report from your account which would contain logs around the time of the crash.

Hi @connor, I’m happy for the team to pull an automatic diagnostic report from my account as that might be quicker. Had a busy day yesterday so couldn’t get to it.

Whilst listening to BBC 6 this morning, it dropped out again at 0640 BST.


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Hi @connor, the random stopping has just happened again at 0624 today on my “living room” B&W Wedge.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Hi @connor , happened once again this morning at 0608.

Hi @Tim_Clegg,

I appreciate your patience here as the team had a deeper look into diagnostics from your account. Around the timestamp you reported, there are network interruptions between the endpoint (Bowers & Wilkin Wedge) and your Core.

A few follow-up questions:

  • Forgive the redundancy as you may have clarified this in a previous thread, but how is your Nucleus connected to the internet (WiFi/Ethernet hardwire)?
  • Do you have any switches in your network setup?
  • Are you using Parametric EQ, or any other DSP?
  • Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Device Setup for your Wedge in Roon? Settings → Audio, then click on the gear :gear: next to the Zone.

From there we should be able to pin down what’s causing the interruption.

Just adding in a little info, as I’m back to experiencing the same issues with the Radio 6 stream.
Lockups/Drops happening : 30/06/2022 15.45GMT and 16.12GMT 01/07/2022 09.46GMT 11.04GMT.
I’m back to work today (unlike you lucky Americans) 04/07/2022 - I tried the lower bit rate stream 101kbps AAC+ on a Rose RS150B unit and it locked up at 09.23GMT and started again by itself at 09.33GMT so it doesn’t appear to be limited to our little Roon friends.

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