BBC Radio stations playing for a few seconds then stopping

Roon Core Machine

NUC ROCK Running the latest 2.0 release

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Dream Machine Pro - NUC ROCK connected by ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

  • Wifi connected Macbook Pro running the latest 2.0 universal binary of Roon.
  • Zuma wireless ceiling speakers

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Many BBC radio stations stop playing after a few seconds in Roon. On any of my endpoints.

The stations play fine in my browser - using the same URL used by Roon.

All other streaming radio station that I’ve tried - work without issue. It’s just BBC Radio that’s doing this. Mostly BBC 3 and BBC 4 that I’ve tried.

I’m in the UK

They are working for me here is the US.
I see that they have several steam options have you tried them all?

Can you list your endpoints for the benefit of the Support team? Thanks.

Just added two that I’ve used recently.

However, it seems unlikely that it’s related to the end points as all other streaming radio stations I’ve tried work fine - as does Qobuz content and localy stored content.

Yup, also tried the lower bitrate streams for BBC R 3

Well, there was a similar issue reported some months back (BBC Radio stations cutting out for a user in the UK) that turned out to be an issue with the Raat server and an endpoint…

I suspect that Support are going to have to pull logs from your system to see if something turns up in them.

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Still no luck today. Problem continues.

I resrated the Roon Server just in case that helped - it didn’t.

Tried playing to an airplay endpoint - same problem.

Once again - it’s only BBC stations that have this issue

BBC Radio 3 and 4 play for a few seconds then stop

No it didn’t, the thread was closed because one user was working with their hifiberry thing.

BBC radio streams have been flakey since day 1, every few months people report issues (normally with sonos endpoints) Support ask a few questions, people get fed up and the thread goes quiet.

I’ve seen many users reporting these issues. I no longer use Roon to play any BBC radio stations as it’s so hit and miss whether it will be stable. I just use Sonos for BBC radio now as it’s rock solid.

For people in the UK, AFAIK. The rest of us apparently have no problems - which would seem to point to an issue associated with the Beeb’s geo-fenced streams in the UK.

But it’s rock solid using the BBC sounds app, Sonos app, Blusound app, Innuos Sense and Lyngdorf.

The only app that has issues for me is roon.

Yes and if “Support ask a few questions, people get fed up and the thread goes quiet” then it will never get solved, will it?

I think it was the lack of feedback from support that resulted in people getting exasperated and quiet.

Support asked for logs and details of which station, stream and codec which people were supplying but after 5 months of “we’re looking into it” they (rightly) got fed up (and then the thread was closed as fixed)

Threads get closed - but that doesn’t mean that the issues have been fixed.

Is that from a roon fortune cookie?

I’m distracting from the OPs issue so I’ll be quiet now.

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SO I may have solved my own issue. Maybe - let’s see if it holds up for a while./

I started using Cloudflare for DNS for my entire network a few weeks ago. So Roon Core was using

Having read through a couple of long threads on the issues with BBC Radio here, I saw one post where someone changed their DNS provider to google and it solved the problem.

So I did the same just for the core.

It seems to work now. Fingers crossed


Keep us informed… Thanks.

OK, BBC R 3 has been playing without issue for more than 2 hours.

So I stopped it and changed the DNS Server on the CORE back to Cloudflare.

And… Radio 3 stopped working! Back to playing for a few seconds and stopping.

Changed it to Virgin Media’s DNS Server (I’m on Virgin) and sure enought it works fine.

So the issue seems to be related to geo location and DNS.

Edited to add: I’ve gone back and forth a few times between and and confirmed the above.


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