BBC Radio Streams Not Working At High Bit Rates

Just updated to 1.7 and tried the Live Radio links for BBC Radios 2,3 and 4. They don’t play at the higher 320 bit rate, all I get is an error message ‘Play back was interrupted during to track failed to load …’.
The lower bit rate seem to work e.g 96 kbps and in some cases the 128 kbps streams.
Any idea why this might be please ?

Post the links you are trying.

Here is one:
It’s found under ‘BBC Radio 3, London, UK,91.3 FM’, I don’t know who added the link though.

OK, found the problem, it was my VPN blocking the streams. Apologies, my fault.

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BTW, it rightly says that the high bitrate stream does not work in my location - and blocks the activation of that stream. But I use a vpn that enables me to listen to BBC2, so it would be great if there was only a warning, but still the possibility to choose that stream.