BDP 3 Not Being Recognized by Roon


Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I did check the Roon Ready box Services and re-booted the BDP3.
The BDP3 does not show up in the audio section of Roon Settings.


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Not sure what else could be the hangup. I’ve flagged @support for you. They may be able to offer another solution. Welcome to the forum.

Are you able to see the BDP-3 IP address on your network by typing


Yes there is an address. In fact I have a permanent setting for the BDP3 on the router settings.
Both the MacBook and Bryston are on WiFi.

Thanks for continued help!


You’re welcome. You might try connecting the MAC-book (the Roon core) to a wired connection…

Wifi is not the most reliable Core connection. It works good for remotes, but the Core is best hard wired if possible. If its practical to hard wire both, I would recommend trying that.

OK Robert,

I will plug the MacBook directly into the router and see what happens.
Getting a little late here (stateside, east coast) but I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and report back.


I’m on the West Coast. If you have continued troubles, support can usually help you figure it out. I have a BDP-1 and two BDP-2s. Imac desktop core. All hard wired.



Gave it a try. Laptop directly into the router/ Bryston set to Roon Ready and re-booted everything.
Still, the BDP3 does not show up in the audio settings of Roon.

Thanks again for your suggestions.


Bizzare. Hope support can get it sorted out…

Cheers —Robert

I’ve moved this thread across to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

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Thank you Geoff.

Thanks Geoff. I also flagged support at the top of the thread.

Hello @John_J, I wanted to confirm a few items to summarize what you’ve tried so far:

  1. The core (mac) is connected to Ethernet
  2. The BDP3 works when connected directly to the core, but not when connected via Ethernet to the router

Have you tried temporarily disabling any firewall/antivirus/VPN you have running and see if the BDP3 can be seen as an audio device? Could you please send us a screenshot of Settings>Audio?

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.


Thanks for the reply. Here is what I have tried:

  1. download Roon to a 2010 MacBook Pro, 8 gigs of RAM, 2 TB SSD: 2.5 ghz dual core i5 processor.
    This was to run the Roon Core and Remote. The MacBook is on WiFi.

  2. BDP3 set to Roon Ready. The BDP3 is also running from WiFi. It has the built in WiFi option NOT the USB dongle.

  3. The BDP3 was not recognized in the Audio section of Roon Set-Up.

  4. Connecting the MacBook directly to the DAC (Bryston BDA3) via USB, the DAC was recognized and Roon functioned. I could play anything from the MacBook music folder or Qobuz. Roon was in all its glory. The sound quality however, was lower than using Manic Mouse on the BDP3 both for Qobuz and the ripped CD’s. The BDP3 was still not recognized by Roon.

  5. I then tried to connect the BDP3 directly to the router via Ethernet and no dice.

  6. connecting both the laptop and BDP3 via Ethernet, also did not bring the BDP3 into the Roon audio section

  7. Tried connecting the MacBook to the BDP3 via ethernet but again, No Dice.

The WiFi network works fine to operate the BPP3 and the BDA3. The DAC is connected via an ethernet cable to a WiFi extender.

All other household stuff; computers, TV play well with the WiFi. Firewall/virus protection etc you alluded to are of no consequence on or off.

The BDP3 is connected to the BDA3 DAC via USB or AES. The DAC then has balanced cables going to the Pre-Amp.

This is the closest I get:

Other Times:

I appreciate your help to improve my Roon experience.


Hello @John_J, and thanks for trying that! Did you have your antivirus off when you were able to see the system output? Do you by chance have Little Snitch or Bullguard installed and/or running?


I actually do not run anti-virus, so never a consequence. Never heard of Little Snitch or Bullguard . Seems very strange as many folks have not had an issue with the BDP3. Might something have changed since the September 21 announcement? I began my trial after that announcement.




Hello @John_J, and thanks for double-checking that! We’ll want to keep the BDA connected in order to see the BDP3. Based on what we’ve looked at so far, there’s likely an issue with multicast on your network that needs to be resolved to get things working again for you. The reason I asked about AV was so we could see what might be blocking multicast traffic on your network. Could you please tell me more about your network setup and the model number of your router? Thanks!


Thank you for you response.
A little about my network:
The internet is DSL testing from 28 to 31 mbps download and 3 to 3.5 mbps upload.
The modem provided by the ISP is connected to a TP Link Router Archer C 5400. Wi Fi connects the BDP3 and there is an TP Link extender, TC 1200 hooked to the DAC via ethernet. This allows remote control of the DAC for switching inputs. Not really necessary in the set up.

The laptop running Roon Core and server is also on WiFi. As I mentioned hooking the laptop and BDP3 using ethernet cables did not allow the BDP3 to be recognized.

I could put Roon core and server on my 2008 MacPro desktop which is hardwired and try that. Hard wiring the BDP3 is not practical other than for testing purposes.

Thank you again!

Hello @John_J, I’d say trying the wired mac as the core temporarily would be a great idea! I’d also try removing the extender temporarily as these can cause some issues as noted in our networking best practices. When you run this test, could you also please provide some timestamps and use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

Nuwrly et al…

I did have success with my desktop MacPro 2008; it saw the BDP3 and Bingo!

Going back to the MacBook Pro 2010 laptop, activating it as the Core and messing around had me delving further into the Firewall settings. The BDP3 was recognized. Functioning and sounding pretty good I may add.

Despite feeling like a bit of the “horse’s arse.” for not getting to this sooner, I certainly appreciate all the help (and patience) you all professed. Now to put all my music on the laptop’s SSD and see what this Roon can do.

More to Come!



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