Be able to heart/favorite a song that is not yet in library

When i explore new music in Roon and finds a song i like, it is tiresome that i have to first add in library. Go the same song after it has been added, and then i can heart/favorite it.

Would be smart to be able to favorite from first click, and in that way auto-add to libary by hearting it…



Absolutely, plus, the ability to like everywhere where heart icon is (for example, now you cannot press it in playlists).

That would be nice, more so because it would have the side-effect of also allowing us to block tracks, albums and artists we don’t like without having to add something from them to our libraries.

Agree, but I think this relates to how we feel about streaming.
I think I live in a vast ocean of music, some I have locally for a variety of reasons, some lives in the cloud, some I own and some I rent, but I think of them the same way, it seems reasonable that I can like or unlike some music in that ocean without any extra steps, particularly without having to make a conscious step to “add it to my library”.

But others in this community think of their own library as an important thing, not just local content but their library reflects their identity and they don’t want it cluttered up with unwanted stuff.

I think the world is changing and our attitudes will change with it. But not everybody agrees…

Your ocean idea only works if there are not constraints on Favorites put on by the streaming services. However, there is a limit on favorites in Tidal, and probably eventually Qobuz, as every other streaming services has a limit.

Right, I forgot.
How high is the limit?

It isn’t technically necessary for Roon to propagate “adding to Roon library” into Tidal favorites. But maybe it’s a contractual requirement.

The automatic addition requested here would use up the limit faster.

Yes, in order to add to Roon, you are using Tidal Favorites and moving towards the limit faster.

While the limit is pretty high (10k), if you are relying on a solely streaming solution AND with the fact that there is no entry limit except your mouse click to adding something, people can achieve that limit.