Beach House 7 not showing in Tidal or Library

Hi I added Beach Houses latest album 7 via Tidal app yesterday but it’s not showing in Tidal via Roon or my library. Can you help please.

Hi @CrystalGipsy. Due to the nature of our quite sophisticated metadata processing system, there can sometimes be a lag of a day or two before the album turns up in your Roon library (and if you have favourited it in TIDAL, then it will turn up). We realize that this is inconvenient/frustrating and are actively working to reduce this lag.

I just did a search in Roon and it showed up. Playing it now.:slight_smile:

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Still not showing up for me :frowning: had to use Naims intergratsed Tidal and their app instead

Can see all the other releases for this week though just not this one.

Maybe its location related? Mine says it was release 11 May 2018, Maybe the release date or availability to Roon is different where you are?

It’s available in Tidal app for my region which is the UK. So it should show up.

I’m in the US, and it works ok. No MQA yet, but I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes a while for Sub Pop releases. Have you tried syncing your Tidal library under the Services tab in settings?

Yep tried that.