Beagle bone black with volumio 2 as endpoint

Hi, I am new in Roon, I have trial installation of Roon core in my old iMac (due core old model) —> success and thousand of my album in my NAS well seen!
But I find the connect of my transport using BBB and volumio 2 just via AirPlay, therefore a down bit always happen when I play.
I have already the Roon Bridge plug in. Have I miss anything in set up?
I do not connect my iMac to my transport directly but all in same home network .
Any advice?
My transport using BBB board and volumio as os, it is a diy one from my friend and connect i2s hdmi to a DAC USING Soekris r2r board.

The BBB transport just seen and connect only through airplay, the Soekris DAC connect via hdmi not seen

The HDMI on any SBC is for video and PCM audio. i2S over HDMI is a different standard and will not work the way you are trying to make it work.

Thank you for your comment, you mean the connection of i2s as hdmi from the BBB volumio player to my Soekris DAC make the roon can’t recognise the DAC?
So connect with AES may help,do I need to restart or reinstall anything for the system to recognise them?

i2S over HDMI is a specialist protocol. It is also none standard so that same protocol can go through RJ45 and in some instances even specialist proprietary connectors. None of these are compatible with the HDMI connections on computers or SBC’s like the BBB, Raspberry Pi, and Odroid unless they have specialist HATs designed specifically for that job. I may be wrong but the only SBC that passes i2S via its 40 pin in/outs to allow that to happen out of the three mentioned (all of which I own) is the Raspberry Pi.

Is it possible that the problem is at the roon bridge, it seem that it is not running and I cannot reinstall it, anyone has any similar problem or solution?

When I try to run it, it said failure and said may need a update.

I have borrow a transport which using pi board, and run volumio and roon bridge, roon see it and work!

My next question may be for the BBB wether we can install a Linux bridge without volumio can run or even better😊.