Beatle search Roon: not all Tidal albums are reported [solved]

If I search in Roon on “Beatles” I receive all my library Beatles albums in return.
However the Tidal Beatles albums list is not complete (e.g. Abbey Road is missing).
If I search however on Beatles Abbey then both the library and Tidal album is given in return.
How come?

If you have Abbey Road in your library, then Roon will leave it out of the Tidal list of albums below (ie Roon only lists Tidal albums that are not in your library).

If you select your Abbey Road album, there is a button called Other Versions. Select it and you will have the option to select the a Tidal version, if you want.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. Makes sense to leave it out if it is available in both my library and Tidal.
On the other hand the album Let it Be is listed twice so not being recognised by Roon being the same album.
Perhaps a explanation for this behaviour as well :smile:

Can’t explain that one. I have Let It Be and it doesn’t show in the Tidal section.

Cheers, Greg

Solved as well. The album name on iTunes is actually different from the Tidal album name. Although Roon displayed for both albums “Let it be” as album name. Closed.