Beatles-Hard days night listing wrong song [Answered]

Track 8 shows to be All you need is love. This is not correct, it is any time at all. The same track shows correctly when viewed in iTunes. I tried re-identifying the track and it shows correctly for a split second and goes back to All you need is love. Any ideas how to correct this?



Hi Tim,

Sorry you’re have some trouble with my favourite album of all time :slight_smile: .

There are many different versions of this album with at least “Any Time At All”, “All You Need Is Love”, and “If I Fell” at track position 8. Normally we are able to identify with high accuracy on the basis of the track times, so this is a little unusual.

That said, you’ve done the right thing in trying to identify, but did you get the following:

And then:

If not, we’ll have to investigate further.

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I took you steps here and it resolved it. Thanks so much!