Beatles the White album in MQA?

Ok, I see the new release of the white album in mqa on Tidal app, but not showing up on my Roon feed???

I just played it but it doesnt have the “MQA” label like Sgt Pepper has.

It’s the one titled “ White Album/Super Deluxe.

I see the album, but not the MQA version. And only in the TIDAL app, but favoriting it gets it in Roon.

Hi @Dr_Glen_Rasmussen

Sorry for the troubles here. As mentioned in our documentation on the subject, the TIDAL content you see in Roon is not a direct pass through of TIDAL content, but actually Roon’s TIDAL database. That’s why there’s so much more metadata, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, credits, etc.

This database is generated multiple times per week, but in some cases albums may barely miss the cut-off and so it takes a couple days to appear in Roon. The next time this generates (tomorrow) you’ll be seeing the album in Roon.


Just play it and look at the signal path…

It’s MQA

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It’s there now if you re-sync the TIDAL pages.

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It still doesn’t indicate it’s MQA in Roon though only when you play it .I just resynced Tidal and nothing changed.

Had to delete it from favourites and library then add it again for it to update.

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Have to say this new master sounds really good. I like it more than the previous released cd.


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