Beck - Sea Change

@support Seem to be having problems adding this album to my library.

I have added it through the Tidal desktop app but no matter what I do it will not show in my Roon library.

I’ve also tried adding it through Roon, but again it never shows up.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Is it there as a hidden duplicate album? Do you have your own copy already in your music library?

No, there is no copy locally

Hi Wayne,

I’ve got a Flac copy in my library, however I don’t see the Other Versions button, so I don’t see it in Tidal.

Searching Tidal, I don’t see it there either. I’m in Canada.

Can you see if you are able to play the album from Tidal? What country are you in?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Yes I can find it perfectly and play in both Tidal and Roon.

I just do a search for “Beck Sea Change”.

It’s just saving it thats the problem. My Tidal account is Polish registered.

Hey Wayne,

Might have to get @support to take a look.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, hopefully they will catch this thread.

Actually brought the hi-res download of the album now from Qobuz.

Curious to know what the problem with Tidal was though.