Been thru Heck with this support would be nice

So, is this a real album you are trying to get into Roon or is this some made up album or a bootleg that is not a commercially available album? Roon can only identify real albums.

Yes, but Roon will play “real” albums that it classifies as unidentified. Which is pretty much every new album that I add to my Tidal faves on a Friday.

it’s a bootleg that I have tagged with all meta data. of course it’s ''real." These were all fine until I did the migration from external to internal ssd on my nucleus.
I did the conversion on that one album and it worked. So now not sure what to do for the rest. There are missing tracks in Roon that aren’t in the ''skipped files" now. I’m afraid if I delete the whole artist folder and replace it everything will be worse.

Can all of your albums be purchased commercially and are they listed on the metadata sites that Roon uses?

What do you mean by “bootleg”? Do you mean “pirated”?

Bootleg usually refers to an unauthorised recording of a live show. Should still be playable in Roon, after some manual work.

Looking at your activity in this forum, the two support threads that were closed appear to have been closed because you gave the support team the impression that your issues were resolved.


I know what it usually means. I wanted to know what it means to the OP.

Just checking… you mean you transcoded from mp3 to something else, and it’s now playable from Roon?

If so, and assuming you have everything backed up, I think the cleanest way forward is to clean up all the affected folders, transcode the problem files (I’d go to flac and leave them as flac - don’t transcode back to mp3), and reimport one album at a time, checking at each stage that it’s doing what you expect.

Um no. Those were old threads you posted.

Yes that is correct, when I converted to a different file format they worked but issue is that one track goes into Roon as it’s own album so I have to find the other one and merge the two. When I do that the cover art changes to something else. It’s really not smooth and going to take forever.

Most of my files are FLAC it’s just that one and few others that are MP3.

This is going to suck as The Rolling Stones folder alone has 340 albums in it, almost all hand edited by me. If I have to convert them all to M4a I may as well just put them all into iTunes. The main reason I first came to Roon was to play these FLAC files. I’m quite bummed out.

And they were threads in the Support category of the forum - where support is given by the Support team.

If you post stuff in other categories expecting support from the Support team, it’s unlikely to work. You might get responses from other users in the community, but the Support team only track the Support category.

This thread is a case in point.

Ok. You have all the tracks from 340 albums in the same folder?

If it’s all tagged properly it should still,work, but to help things along Roon will likely group files into albums better if they are in a folder per album. It looks like Kid 3 will create folders from tag information so you should be able to batch this instead of manually.

You should be able to batch convert all mp3 to (say) flac too.

Bottom line though - if you were only ever looking at Roon to play flac, it’s probably not the right tool for the job…

Edit - and moved to support… should have more insight.

Ok first of all, support knows, they have written me. I respond then they go away. Dylan wrote me 18 hours ago, I responded, have not heard back. Same with the other support dude. So yeah. Busy I guess.

@AndyR no they are all in their own album folders with art jpeg etc. For example, I have a folder THE ROLLING STONES which has 342 ALBUM FOLDERS in it. The tracks are in each folder. Was no problem before the migration to internal ssd on nucleus.

Yes I started with Roon for this, but soon loved using Roon and streaming. Best of both worlds for me. Until now haha. So what is the best tool for the job? On a Mac? I use Vox but hate the UI. I tried Audivarna did not like. I haven’t updated my iMac to Catalina as I hear it messes up iTunes and I don’t subscribe to Apple Music.

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Busy. Time zone. I think it’s worth persevering, but at the moment maybe it’s best to park the issue for a day or so and listen to something else…

… then come back and start again ‘clean’ for these files.

Definitely make sure everything is in place before you re-enable the watch folder.

think I’m just gonna go thru album by album and the ones that are messed up I’m gonna delete, go to the back up album and re-tag it in Kid 3 then readd to Roon. Gonna take days and I’m neurotic about it once I start I can’t stop until it’s finished. Ugh. LoL.
So I don’t need to disable the watched folder now right? Not sure what process you were/are referring to @AndyR ?? Thanks man.

I really enjoy Roon I’m just frustrated. I wish it could be made more user friendly, without losing all the options for delving deep. I mean all I did was move to an internal drive and all this happened. Not saying it couldn’t be my own fault, it usually is the users fault, but still seems after a restore from a backup it should have been exactly how it was. Anyways, I appreciate the comments etc.

I’ve found a couple of times that Roon is too quick off the mark and has imported a partial album to the library before all the files have copied across. In my case it’s a slow copy because it’s an old NAS. If I remember I disable the watch folder before I copy and no problem. It may have no impact on your context, but apart from adding an extra step wouldn’t hurt.

I see. So before copying everything back disable the internal drive? Then when done reenable it then everything moves at once. Ok . Thanks

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