Beethoven Violin Concerto is marked as "Piano Concerto" in Midori's rendition

In “Beethoven: Violin Concerto & Romances Nos 1 & 2” by Midori, the first piece is listed as

  • Piano Concerto in D major (after the Violin Concerto Op. 61), Op. 61a

When, in fact, it is the Violin Concerto, and not the Piano one that is presented. It is actually an album by Violin player Midori.

Played through Tidal and Qobuz, both versions show the same error in Roon, but it is not present on their respective apps. AllMusic shows the concert correctly listed.

Here are the screen captures:
Roon’s info:

Roon’s tracks (mistaken):

AllMusic’s info (correct):

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Yes, i just noticed that while looking for the piano transcription of the piece by Brautigan; apparently Roon has not fixed the metadata

Hey @Rafael_Polit,

My apologies for the delayed response on this report. We appreciate the heads up, we’ll take a look at how this information is reflected on our metadata index and see if we can detect the origin of the error. Please understand that we can’t make any promises regarding a timeline for corrections when coordinating with our metadata providers.

Hi @Rafael_Polit just to let you know that we discovered where the problem lies and have reached out to the relevant metadata provider. We’ll let you know when they’ve looked at it. Thanks for reporting this!