Before I start bashing Roon 1.8, tell me what's new?

I don’t use tidal or qobuz, I use Roon for streaming my own library of more than 14,000 tracks to a variety of end points around my house, some Roon Ready, some Roon tested. I run Roon on my PC where I work and often use Roon for Windows to listen to music in my office, but my primary listening room where i have a high end 2 channel audio system is where I listen most, and I use Roon remote on either tablet or mobile to enjoy music through ny Cambridge Audio CXNv2 / Edge A system. I use the focus feature to enable me to browse from pre defined subsets such as my classical music collection or my rock and pop collection, or my Hi Res files or “everything”. Everything includes my daughters and wife’s MP3 and AAC libraries, and a MP3 clone of my FLAC library. So often across all these different libraries there are multiple copies of the same song.

Roon works great, it always does, and I hope it will continue to do so, I love reading the Biogs and album notes and jumping to other content connected in whichever way I feel (same producers? same bass player…or whatever"

But with 1.8 apart from cosmetic work over I can see no new features, not found anything yet.

I would like to be able to group combinations of Roon Tested and Roon Ready - can’t
I’d like to be able to adjust parametric EQ without it stopping playback everytime I change it (I would like to hear the EQ changing as I adjust the graph) - can’t

Otherwise, I am a happy bunny, but was before. Whats new? whats the fuss about?

There is one feature I believe I have lost, which is that when listening to a track I can see that i have other copies of the same song, when I expand the list I don;t see anymore the resolution of each different version. I may have different editions, a backed up Mp3 transcode, and original 16bit rip off a CD and a newer high res version, can’t tell which is which from here, I am sure I used to be able to

My gripes otherwise are cosmetic, pale fonts on white background, not nice on the eyes, lots and lots of wasted space on screen etc.

So never mind the whinging, what’s new, what new features are there that I need to find?


The new features that you need to find are some old features that people used and aren’t there anymore. Good luck finding these! (very bitter joke)

Ive yet to find a single new feature, and I am missing one really important old feature, rest is just a reskin it seems to me, given the hype, 1.8 is coming, 1.8 is coming blah blah, I feel I must be missing something

Well, the dsp function became much quicker…