Beginner - Need Help with Structuring Roxy Music Title

I purchased the Roxy Music title called “The Complete Studio Recordings” for my wife. She’s the fan. I’m not sure on the best strategy for organizing in Roon. I have a Nucleus+ as my core. Currently I have all 8 studio album CDs and 2 CDs for singles + B-sides (total 10 disks) ripped and tagged using the following approach:

“dd-tt track name.flac”

where ‘dd’ is disk # and ‘tt’ - track #. Example is: 04-06 Bitter-Sweet.flac

All tracks are stored in a single folder. This works okay except by default Roon doesn’t show the album titles (which are in the Flac meta tags) nor does it show the album cover artwork. I could split the box set up and show them as discrete titles but I wanted to know if there’s an approach that can be applied that will allow me to preserve it as a box set but still see the album titles and the original album artwork?
Cheers and thank for your help. Loving the Roon experience so far.


Not directly. I split all Box Sets up into their individual albums and then I put the title of the Box Set in the Version Field of each album so when browsing I’ll know where it came from. See Screen Pic.:

This is great for album view. But version is not searchable. If you want it to be searchable, then you can create and give all the individual albums in the box set a TAG titled RoxyBoxSet, then you could just use the Tag search to get all the individual albums displayed. I set it up as an example with KateBush, see below.

Which when focused gives this result:


The version can be searchable in Roon if you structure it this way:


Hi thank you for the detailed reply. I’ll give this a shot. Cheers,