Beginner pointer for setting up extension for Meridian control

I am using a dCS Network Bridge with a Meridian 818v3, and need to get everything the Meridian extension reputedly offers (volume and Roon-only source selection).

I know I need a rpi but beyond that am worse than clueless.

I take it the smallest possible rpi is fine? And I’ll be using a usb-serial adapter too?

What do I install where and how? (I have Win and Mac machines on hand for setup.)

(@Hectorson just in case)

Hi Ludwig,

My suggestion is to get a pi and install DietPi. DietPi has a quick and easy method to install the Roon Extension manager. Once installed, then the Pi can sit anywhere on your network, you go into Roon Settings/Extensions and begin. Now if the meridian extension needs anything more or something special I cannot speak to that.

That is what I used to use. I had to put my Pi in storage for some reason and then I took to running DietPi in a VM on a Windows box. Works fine other than I have to keep it up all the time. But, that is also an option, certainly would let you try it out prior to investing in a Pi.


Very interested also in a Dummy guide to getting Meridian control with Rasperry pi. My initial attempt was a failure. Got response in extension to the effect that no Meridian devices were found. Ultimately I would love to use my phone to airplay to my Meridian devices and control volume from phone like I can do through ROON.

How small a Pi will work?

I used a pi 3

For the above mentioned DietPi approach you need a Pi 2, 3 or 4, the new Pi Zero 2 should work as well.