Beginner's question before I install Rock on NUC

Hello, my first post here. I bought a NUC 12pro i3 to make it a server for Roon and W11. So, I would like to use NUC as a server for roon (to run in the background) and at the same time run windows on it, on two different SSD(one ssd for roon and one for W11). I run Tidal from Bluesound Node . Sorry if I’m wrong, I and trying to understand how it works this whole thing, THX…is it possible?
-maybe it’s a confusion in my head.

Welcome to the Roon community, @Adrian_Nastase.

ROCK is an operating system that cannot be installed alongside another. Therefore, if you wish to run Windows 11 and Roon, install Windows and the Roon Server application. Note that Roon Server has no GUI.

You can access TIDAL via Roon and stream to Bluesound.

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If a GUI is needed occasionally on that same machine, just install regular Roon software alongside Roon server and start/exit as needed while the server core will continue streaming.

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If your goal is to sometimes be able to boot into Windows, theoretically, it is possible by installing a custom EFI bootloader that swaps between the 2 drives… you can probably modify the GRUB2 install on ROCK to boot Windows. This is way outside the scope of anything related to Roon or ROCK, so best to talk about it in #tinkering

If your goal is to have both running at once, you can not. I suggest you install Windows and run RoonServer, and forget about ROCK.