Behavior of "Play Tag" with Tidal Playlists

I added a few Tidal playlists to one of my Roon Tags, and none of the tracks seemed to play. Then I weighted the tag heavily towards Tidal playlists and it seems very clear that the Roon shuffle does not include a Tidal playlist that is tagged.

I then converted the Playist into a local playlist by saving a local copy. No change in Roon shuffle behavior. So is the conclusion that Roon shuffle will not play tracks from Playlists in tags unless the tracks are in the local library?

I guess I confirmed this by having a Tag of only Tidal Playlists. Roon won’t play anything.

So in effect, presently, adding a playlist with only Tidal tracks to a Tag does nothing. I think ultimately it would be nice, and make more sense to the user, if the Tidal tracks in a Tidal playlist were just shuffled in when a Tag is played.

I’d love to be able to play some of these tracks this way - I don’t want to just add these tracks to the library (then I have a bunch of orphan tracks in the library), nor do I want to have to go through and add the whole albums just for this purpose.

I wouldn’t consider this a burning emergency, but rather a loose end presently untied.

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I just noticed the same thing. Attempting to shuffle from a tag with Tidal playlists, and nothing happens. I just get this:

There must be some technical reason for this. Weird though since you can play the playlist, you just cannot shuffle it with anything else.