Behavior of the back button on the community site


I really like the community forum but one issue keeps nagging me:

When hitting the back button while browing the forums you’ll always get straight to the top. This is especially a bit annoying when using the site on a phone with its smaller screen. After reading a topic and hitting the back button I always have to scroll down all the way to where I was before.

On every website out there the normal behavior would be to scroll down to the exact spot where I was before…

Any idea if this can be changed somehow?



It looks like it is browser dependent:

IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox … it seems to function as you require.
However, Safari always returns to the top of the previous page.

Tapping the post indicator box (bottom right of screen on my iPhone) e.g. 1/38 activates a fast scroll vertical slider that may help.

What browser are you using?

ah, good to know. I’m using Firefox, though (and Safari on iOS, obviously). Maybe it’s some kind of plugin that’s interfering or something.

The fast scroll thing works fine but I’m talking more about the main forum view. Everytime I read a given topic, I’ll be thrown back to the top of that main view.

It’s not a critical issue at all but, you know… these little things :slight_smile: