Being able to switch fields in group selected items

Earlier on in my Roon usage, I entered valued into certain available fields, where my manual entry was preferred to Roon’s suggestion, in order to get things to sort the way I like them.

Fast forward to me as an experience Yate user and I find that I can now enter values into Yate that will show up where I want them in Roon.


I now have to go into every single album individually & click a different radio button to move over from the value I’d enter into Roon manually to the new value that Roon now sees in my file tagging.

Clear as mud? Here’s a picture…

At some point, I’ve shift selected a bunch of albums (1,694 with this particular problem) and typed “Library” into the “manual override” box, (so that all the Library albums sort together, but don’t worry about that for the moment).

Ignore what it actually says, the point is this:

It’s preferable to have the correct information embedded as meta tags into my audio files rather than have “manual overrides” stored in the Roon data base because if my database ever gets corrupted then all that information will be lost.

Now that I know where I can enter information into Yate that Roon will see correctly, what I need to do is to select those 1,600 albums & choose the new meta tag instead of the “manual override” value in Roon.

Except that you can’t seem to do that with shift-selected items.

See here. For album artist, I just have the one box. And it’s saying what I wrote in the “manual override” box.

I just think it would be really handy to have the additional radio buttons available, so that I can switch from one to the other without having to do it 1600+ times. :slight_smile: