Bel canto asc2 Roon ready status

I disabled my Bel Canto ASC2 to see if re-enabling would get rid of uncertified label as partners page now showed it as supported. It won’t allow me to reenable it. What can I do! this is intolerable!!

Update ASC2 firmware? Reboot Roon Core?

Hello @steven_strongin,

Sorry for the trouble, the ASC2 is a certified device so you shouldn’t be encountering this.

In the Settings > Audio screen, make sure that the device is reporting itself as “Bel Canto Design BLACK ASC2”.

If it is reporting something else, it’s likely that the device needs a firmware update.

You can try updating the firmware using the Bel Canto SEEK app on iOS or Android. If that doesn’t work, I recommend reaching out to Bel Canto for assistance with getting the device on the correct firmware.


Thanks. SEEK identifies it correctly as ASC2 and says firmware is up-to-date, but Roon identifies it as Bel Stream. I will reach out Bel Canto.

Seems more like a ROON problem but I am happy to ask them.

Hello @steven_strongin,

The device is responsible for reporting itself correctly to Roon.

That said, our goal isn’t to assign blame, it’s to get your system back up and running and you enjoying your music as soon as possible.

Reach out to Bel Canto, they’re the ones who can get the device reporting properly. They have technical contacts here at Roon Labs to reach out to if they run into any issues or have questions.


Thanks for the help. It turned out I needed to use the device firmware upgrade rather than the one in the seek app. Bel Canto and Roon both showed how much they cared about customers. I wouldn’t have thought I could get this fixed before Monday. but due to very quick responses by you then them it only took a few hours on a Saturday. Thanks again.


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