Belly of an architect

-tracks are not all composed by mertens/branca. tracks 2-9 are by mertens, the others are by branca.
-tracks 1-13 have been collected in a composition, a non-sense being by different composers. and track 14 left alone outside the composition.
-there’s no way to overwrite this mess: even if my settings are to prefer file track title, and to prefer file work/part tags (that in this case … are missing).

so, a quite strange situation in which it seams that… i have absolutely NO CONTROL over the album. i mean, i cannot say “ok roon forget all your rubbish, trust me, a keep file tags straight from beginning to end”
quite disappointing…

Quite strange indeed. Looks good too me in my library.

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yes… strange.
besides, i’ve looked for other identifications, but there’s only this one.
and in my tags there’s nothing suspicious…

I am almost 100% sure I tagged them with MusicBrainz & I don’t think I had to identify the album.

Great Movie! :smiley:


In the Album View, click the 3 dots icon and select Edit. From there choose the Edit Album tab and scroll down to Multi-Part Composition Grouping and Select Disable or Prefer File and see if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg, thanks it worked. :slight_smile:
i had to select disable in multi-part composition grouping.

then, i checked in the compositions page if there was a 13-parts composition surviving. but actually it turns out that none of the tracks of this albums is listed as a composition. :confused: (while before there were 2 compositions, one of 13 parts).
and if i click on mertens or branca in the composers name under the track, the links take me to a list of compositions from other albums, but not this one.

actually, in the case of mertens… there is only 1 composition. which seems to contradict the fact that there is an entire album by him:

it seems a track without composition.
but i’ve reported somewhere else about tracks with no composition, or with track-composer and composition-composer not corresponding.

i have to say that these problems are… testing my nerves.

If you haven’t seen this post, you might take a look, just more to discuss:

yes @Rugby
i had already read that discussions. as i said, i’ve reported somewhere about this problem, and quoted exactly this your quoted post.
i understand that this has been recognized as a problem, that there’s a ticket about it… so, i’m just waiting.
in this case … the strange thing is that @Paulb has the same album, but does not have same problem…