Benchmark 2 HGC

Roon names the Benchmark but calls it an unidentified device. It doesn’t appear in the drop down list and can’t be found manually nor does it appear alongside the Sonore in Device Setup.

Hello @Alastair_Romanes,

Thanks for the report! We’re constantly adding more devices to our device identification engine. Even if the device is not identified, you are still receiving all of the benefits of the Roon Tested program that ensure proper capability with Roon. When the Benchmark DAC 2 HGC is added, it should automatically be identified the next time it is connected to Roon, so stay tuned!


Thanks - waiting with bated breath!

Hi @john @mike

Any update on when Benchmark products will be added to product database?



As far as I can see still no sign of Benchmark DACs in Roon’s product database.

Hope that Alastair is not still holding his breath!