Benchmark DAC3 shows as DAC 2

As usual, I don’t know where to post this. I purchased a Benchmark DAC3 HGC this past Friday. However it shows (and links) to the DAC2. Either this is a bug, or you have no way of telling the DAC3 from the DAC2. Please let me know if this is something I need to correct or you need to correct or can’t be corrected. Clear? Thanks.

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It is extremely common for a manufacturer to use the same USB hardware module for different products, and therefore different models share a similar (or the same) identification.

This is a normal thing and perfectly ok to me and I would not call this a bug, but it is up to Roon Labs to determine whether this is acceptable or not in terms of Roon Tested requirements.

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Thanks Peter. I have a feeling that’s the case, but since the DAC3 is unique, I would call it a bug if it’s incorrectly identified. The average user doesn’t understand if there’s no flag or key to identify it from the DAC2. As long as Roon is OK with this, and they agree, I’m OK with it. Just want to make sure they are aware.

I am reading the DAC3 manual a bit more thoroughly, and I believe I found the culprit. Please see text from the DAC3 Series Manual below. Thanks very much for your response Peter.

“Note: To provide full backward and forward compatibility, the DAC3 uses the DAC2 USB drivers. This prevents the need to install two different sets of drivers. Please note that the DAC3 USB input will be identified as “Benchmark DAC2” in your computer control panels. This is intentional.”


Hi @Neil_Small,

Thanks for the report and for bringing this to our attention! According to the DAC3 manual, it sounds like this is expected behavior, but I’ll also forward your remarks to our partners team!


aplay -l:


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