Benefits to a fresh start? If so, best practice?

For starters - I love Roon, it lets me love my music. I’m a lifetime subscriber. I recognize I’m running less than optimal setups, i.e., DAC connected to machine running core. I’m considering going the microrendu/sonic transporter route, but that’s another discussion (some network issues to consider at home, old house). I find that Roon crashes or freezes or audio stops but playback seems to be happening or takes 15+ minutes to start on one computer - a lot. I’ve inquired via this forum on a few of these issues without a lot of success. Eventually I always get things running again, but the bottom line is that I want to listen to music, not fiddle and troubleshoot (well, sometimes I like to fiddle and troubleshoot, probably wouldn’t be using this sort of software and equipment if I didn’t, let’s be honest).

I’m curious about the group consensus on the idea of starting over - deleting all Roon-related files (except music, of course) and starting fresh with 1.3. Any benefit to this? If you think there might be, is it as simple as deleting the application, deleting the database and related files, downloading 1.3 and starting over?

Thanks for your input, enjoy 1.3 with all Roon has to offer, and, most of all, enjoy your music! Cheers!


I’m interested in any potential benefits here too and the official Roon take on situations where a fresh start wouldn’t be a big deal (obviously many users have put a ton of work into library management by now). It sounds like the application rewrite is significant enough to potentially justify a fresh start, but I’m not a developer.

Just had the thought that this might be an easy experiment to do? Move the current Roon database out of its standard location and rename it (with a backup available, of course). Then, delete the app, and start fresh and see how it goes. If things are noticeably better/different, I could always go back to the old database - or maybe not? Can 1.3 read a database from 1.2? Will it update it in some way as needed?

In any case, I’m curious about the official take as well as the group opinion.