Beocreate four channel amplifier with RPI as a Roon Endpoint

Pretty self explanatory. Has anyone used the new Beocreate amplifier with a RPI as a Roon endpoint. My understanding is it can be used with a standard HIFIBerry Dac overlay. Has anyone successfully used this in either a DietPi or Ropieee environment?

Best, Bob


Bob, I had a discussion about this with David from HifiBerry at and he even wrote a guide how to do it in his blog.

Therfore I ordered the Beocreate board, and intend to use RoPieee with it.

Board has not arrived yet, and neither did the 3D printed items I ordered as well, but will report back in a week or so once the project is finished.


Yes, I found the guide. Freshly posted. Thank you.