Beoplay A6 + Roon music dropout [Solved]

Good day,

It’s the first time I am posting here. I have searched the threads but I did not find anything. I have a very simple set for which I have been running for a few months but as of recently (I stayed a few months without using Roon), I have music dropouts (music plays for 5 seconds, then stops, and restarts …continuously issue)

My setup:

  • Roon on Imac
  • I use Tidal account
  • My player is Beoplay A6 (via wifi from Imac).

Nothing changed on my network or my Imac(for diagnostic purpose, I made sure I had not other application running)
Here are the actions I took.
1- I erased roon and reinstalled
2- I double checked my router and wireless router (did not find anything here but not 100% I looked for the right thing)
3- I played music (flac format) from my imac directly)
4- I tested streaming to my beoplay using the Tidal app and WIFI, and all was ok.

What else can I do or look at, any others already experienced something similar.

thank you very much
kind regards

Problem has been solved…all network settings.

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