Berlioz Slight Misfire

On this album:

Two links are dubious in the album text. One is the link (empty) to Harmoni Mundi. The other is to Benjamin Berlioz, perhaps present because the text refers to Hector by his last name only in one place. Anyway, small nits FYI.

Hi John, the reference to Benjamin Berlioz is a silly error by TiVo; we’ll get that sorted out.

The Harmonia Mundi link is to a label, which we should probably exclude from links (TiVo metadata uses names and name IDs rather than artist- and label-specific IDs, and this stuff can be difficult to deconvolve). I’ll put in a ticket for it to be looked at, but I think you’ll have to live with it for now.

The incorrect link to Benjamin Berlioz has now been corrected. Please allow up to a week for the updated review to be pulled into your library.

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