Best approach for one-input, Roon and non-Roon music services solution

For simplicity of use, I want to create a means of accessing (a) Roon-friendly music services (Qobuz, Tidal); (b) non-Roon-friendly services (Apple Music and Amazon Music HD and Spotify); and (c) the music stored locally on my Nucleus.

I want it all to be accessible from one input on my preamp.

I want it all to be in the best resolution available - for me I don’t have DSD files so it’s FLAC for me.

The solution can’t rest on Airplay 2 since (currently) it can’t convey 24/192.

I don’t prefer to get into the world of Raspberry Pi, and even if I did, I don’t see any easy way to deliver Apple Music in 24/192.

Because of these requirements, I’ve eliminated the Bluesound Node and all other streamers, since (resting on Airplay 2) they can’t deliver 24/192 Apple Music.

I think my options are: (a) a Mac Mini in headless mode driven by a Luna Display through my iPad or other Mac iOS devices; or (a) a direct connection from my iMac or a MacBook to my preamp via USB (with the long USB cable of it all). My existing iMac isn’t an option because I want to sit on my couch and navigate/create queues on the fly.

The total cost difference between the MacBook and MacMini solution is not material enough to me to drive the choice.

Am I missing anything, and if so, (a) what am I missing; and (b) what would you recommend among the available options?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I think I’d go with the Mac Mini, just to keep that long cable out of the mix. So, you’re planning to keep the Nucleus, and use the Mini with, essentially, Roon Bridge, as a sort of super-streamer that can access Roon but also the Apple Music and Amazon HD and Spotify? Not a terrible plan.

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Thanks - only being held back from vague concern that Luna will be a pain (in which case I’ll stow the long cord when not using it).

Seems like I’m on the right road, anyway.

I will say that if I can satisfy myself with the 24/48 of Airplay 2, I’m just going to get the Bluesound Node which will simply feed by Coax into my preamp which will do the DAC-ing.

I’m starting to lean that way, since Apple Music would be a backup/alternative only if Qobuz dies from the marketplace developments (and even then Amazon Music HD is built into the Bluesound app). I’m thinking I’m going a long way to get me 24/192 from Apple Music.

Luna Display looks cool. If they had it for Linux I’d give it a whirl.

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I should point out that Macs support VNC directly via screen-sharing. I’ve also heard good things about NuoRDS Server for Mac.

So there are alternatives to using Luna Display.

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