Best bit rate for my set up - Marantz MCR-612

Apologies if this has been answered before. Ive read some other posts and I’m not that technical so hope someone can simplify this for me

I’m a new Roon user. I have a core plugged into the ethernet with a USB containing some AIF files I converted from iTunes.

I have my Tidal account attached.

In my “listening room” I have a Marantz MCR-612 and when I play master files from Tidal I am getting 44.1Khz as the max from any song,

My question is that I imagine thats not the best quality that can be achieved from Roon and if thats correct what can I do to get higher quality content from my Marantz. ( apart from buy a whole new system)

Once again apologies if this is a silly question

Looking at the Marantz and I see it’s Roon tested so will serve as an endpoint. If you’re a Tidal HiFi Plus subscriber (top tier) one issue is lack of MQA support, that’s Tidal’s hi-res master weapon of choice and an MQA DAC is required. If you have Tidal HiFi+ then using Roon to do the first MQA unfold might yield better results depending on your tastes, I’m not an MQA fan but you might be. The benefits of hi-res audio are pretty marginal IMO, you might find you’re happy enough?

It sounds like you are connecting via Airplay? If so, it has a 44.1k limit. Since, the Marantz is NOT a Roon Ready device it means that it does not have Roon network code. Marantz would have to decide to add such.

But, you can setup an ethernet endpoint TO a SPDIF Toslink or SPDIF Coax IN on your Marantz. The best option, imho, is to use one based on a raspberry Pi, like the Allo DigiOne, DigiOne Player SPDIF Out

My bad then sorry, I saw an ethernet port and Roon Ready and 2 + 2 = 5. Apologies.

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