Best Buy Insignia Voice for $25

There’s a sale on, with the Insignia Voice, a kind of bedside clock/radio replacement with Bluetooth and built-in Chromecast, at $25. I’m playing the MJQ’s “Fontessa” over one right now via Roon, and it sounds pretty good. Better than a Google Home Mini, even! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up about the sale on these. Picked one up earlier tonight to replace an old IHome clock radio that was on its last legs. Connected to Roon with no problems and it does sound pretty good especially considering how small it is.


I have one too. Great price.

I missed the original sale last week.
It’s back on at a 15%? increase.
I picked up the larger size one that has a rechargeable battery for $60.It was $50 last week.

Small one (no battery) is $40.Last week $25.