Best DAC’s To Use With Roon And MQA After The 1.5 Version?

Hi dear Roon Fellows,

I shall buy a new Dac that’s Roon Ready and completely to
MQA after the 1.5 version of Roon.
And yes, I have looked at the DAC’s that is certified by Roon!
But since I haven’t tried/testing and listening, to all of them :wink:

So does I asking you who’s perhaps have one of each!
What your experience is with them, the positive or negative side of this DAC’s.
Comparing to other DAC’s you have had before!

My demand is what I wrote above and it’s at least PCM 24-32 bits/384kHz DSD 128-256. Inputs USB, Coaxial/spdif, (AES/EBU). Output XLR, RCA.
(Headphone output isn’t necessary, since I have a great amp for it. If it’s got it so is it okay)!

Today I have a B.M.C PureDac that’s great but can’t play MQA, so I bought a Meridian Explorer 2 for the MQA (since I didn’t know if or when Roon would make it possible, but it happened with the 1.5 version).
The Explorer 2 sounds great for the price, but it’s have a bottleneck in and out!
And I have to change between my two DAC’s, depending on what kind of material I’m playing and the inputs on my Amplifier.
Okay it’s a luxury problem!

But I only want to have one Dac.

Love & Respect

B.M.C Pure DAC is definitely better than E2 when it comes to playback PCM and DSD. For MQA playback, use Roon 1.5 decode to 88.2/96k. After do the followings:-

  1. Up-sample decoded 88.2/96k in Roon DSP-SRC by selecting ‘Power of 2’; this takes care of 44.1/48k multiples
  2. In Roon device setting, set your DAC to max PCM sample, If your DAC support 384k, then select this otherwise 192k. This setting ensures your DAC is always operate at maximum PCM sample; this can bypass the internal digital filters and use Roon instead.
  3. In Roon DSP-SRC setting, select Smooth Minimum Phase Filter.
  4. Sit down with a can of beer and enjoy the music!

Yes I know that my B.M.C Dac is pretty much better than my E2, when it comes to playing PCM and DSD!
But not when it’s coming to play MQA!
I have got the advice you gave me before.
Unfortunately so don’t it sounds like when the E2, makes the work with MQA music!
It’s close but something is missing!
The Analog Feeling!
I have a REVOX B-77 Reel To Reel Studio Master Tape Machine, with some great Masters.
(But so good don’t I never believe MQA or anyone Dac, becomes)!
So the E2 is my best Dac, when it’s coming to play MQA and getting the Analog Touch!
So I feel like sitting down with a can of beer and enjoy the music!

But thanks anyway, but I’m sure that it’s must be any better Dac than my E2 to play MQA Music with?

Mytek Liberty DAC or one of their more expensive DACs springs to mind.

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I have been thinking about both the Brooklyn + Dac
And the Manhattan II.

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I’ve had the Manhattan for quite a while, first as the original one and then upgraded to II.
It’s surely a very good sounding piece
Although, not exactly cheap. :slight_smile: