Best DAC to work with Roon DSP

Can somebody recommend a DAC that can work smoothly with Roon DSP without hiccup, intermitten beakups? and also provide a great result with DSD conversion?

Thanks million times!

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Phong Nguyen

DCS Bartok

Chord Qutest (maybe not the best, but at its price point, very solid)

… and on a budget:
S.M.S.L M300 MkII

I do not see that there should be any correlation between using RoonDSP and the choice of DAC. The DAC plays what it gets and, if Roon plays to it, it plays it with the DSP.


MSB Decrete works flawlessly since I’ve had it but obviously depends on your budget, prior I used the SOtM 3 box bundle which for the money is incredible which also worked superbly. I don’t tend to have any problems with Room apart from the time when adding tracks which for some reason takes forever considering I’m on fibre broadband so should be quick.

Hi @rrwwss52:

Have you been using the Chord Qutest with DSP and Roon equalizer particularly? I have been using DSD upsampling conversion on my Chord Poly + Mojo but experiencing some intermitten gaps now and then during the music. Have you experienced any gaps/short breaks?

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Phong Nguyen

OK. The DAC has nothing to do with any of this. What is probably happening is that DSP operations (including EQ, convolutions, up/down-sampling, format conversions, etc.) increase the load on the CPU. When the CPU hits the stops, you get intermittent gaps and ticks. What DAC is attached will have no influence.

So what is hosting your Roon core? :sunglasses:

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NO EQ and only minimal DSP. MY DSP use is limited to upsampling and using the crossover feature, since 90% plus of my use is with headphones. Kal is correct. The DAC is merely interpreting what the Core sends it. The DAC can have limitations on what it can process though.

You’re looking at the wrong component to replace for this problem.