Best device for roon core

I kindly ask you to answer my question:
Is it important for sound quality where and how the roon core is installed:

  • roon server on pc
  • roon server on mac mini
  • roon rock on Intel NUC
  • roon rock on Intel NUC with linear power supply?
    In my case roon core works separately from control and from end point.
    Thank you.

I don’t think the hardware will make a difference unless it is under specced for your use, library size, dsp needs, room correction. I would put the core in a separate room away from any , music playing

Thank you very much.

I think it’s down to your Audio endpoints and playback system.

Could you explain the connection between the size of the library and device requirements?

Hi @Ekaterina_Akhlatkina,

This post by Brian is a good place to start

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Thank you.