Best external storage for iMac/Core

Hi - I use an iMac as Core and I run external Storage via USB. My storage device was rather cheap and I bought it for getting into the ripping to find out if streaming is the way to go for me. I have since decided to take this route further for digital music - so I would like to upgrade my storage.

Core will continue to be an iMac - any recommendations for external storage devices and connection to iMac (USB)?

Ultimately you will want to use the best interface the iMac offers but also consider the replacement factors - you might want to detail your macs specs and also how big you expect your library to grow to. Is your iMac SSD based?

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Hi - right now I`m using an

iMac (Retina 5K, 27’’, ultimo 2014)
3,5 GHz Intel Core i5

with a simple external

Western Digital External storage with 4TB

connected to the iMac via USB.

Glad to any suggestions as to how to improve. iMac works flawlessly as Core so far…

I think you’re already doing about as good as you can. I setup my first ROCK to use a Synology NAS, but after advice from Roon support, setup my second ROCK to use an external WD USB3 4Tb drive. I now have another one to switch my first ROCK over to.

The only thing that I would add to this is make sure you that have good backup of that external drive in the event it fails.

I like WD drives very much but any drive can fail at any time.


Totally agree. In my case I have my music library on a NAS, an internal drive on a PC, an external drive on a ROCK, a portable drive in my car and a portable drive I use to move files between home and work. Plus I’m soon to add another external drive on a ROCK.

I also do my Roon scheduled database backups to two locations from each ROCK. One is to a directory on the music drive, the other is to a USB3 flash drive.

What’s the best way for a backup? Just buy a second WD Drive and regularly copy files? Any differences in SQ between Storage and USB connection used?

Otherwise I am very happy with the iMac as Core and USB attached external WD Drive - works fine.

This is going to depend on what value you put on your music collection.

Basically in a nut shell;

The Roon Database is located on your iMac. Through Roon you could back up that database to the attached external music drive. It is minute in size compared to your music library. If the Imac is all that you have at this point, then you could purchase another external USB drive to use to duplicate your existing external music drive. After duplicating, then disconnect it in the event of a virus or ransomeware etc. Establish a time frame for regular backups.

Depending on your perspective of the value of your collection, consider an offsite solution in addition to your onsite backup.

Like @Lloyd_Borrett has explained, one can never have to many backups.