Best File Format

What is the best format for music files.Don’t use I tunes anymore.Not worried about size of file.What files would give best quality in sound.Is FLAC,AIFF,WAV.,AILL.Looking for opinions ?

Flac is best. WAV has very bad metadata support
I use ALAC but it is tied to Apple

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Normally you’d choose FLAC or ALAC.
Best depends on your other devices. They are all lossless but I need ALAC for my iPod so that’s best for me.


Flac was the way I was thinking of going.Going to rip my Cd collection.Any body have any experience with Dbpoweramp CD Ripper.I see they have a rip to flac uncompressed ?

There’s at least marginally better support for ALAC in the Mac world than elsewhere (I’m thinking especially of HQPlayer), but it’s worthwhile noting that Apple Lossless has been open source (under Apache License 2.0) since 2011.

I recently ripped my cd collection (1,000 albums). I started off using EAC then used dbpoweramp on trial. I was sufficiently impressed by dbpoweramp that I signed up and paid for the license. The main reason was that dbpoweramp rips a cd in about 5 minutes, whereas EAC takes about 15. Another factor was the wider selection of metadata sources, including discogs.

If HQPlayer support is a factor (integration with Roon is on the roadmap) but Apple is not, then FLAC.

I own dbConverter and find it very good. I also use FLAC as it seems to cause the least problems. I did use AIFF on advice from Amarra but have since changed all to FLAC cos I need the space. However, space is not a problem now.

Have just downloaded 6 albums in WAV and I will see if I notice a metadata problem.

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