Best HW configuration to use Roon and HQPlayer

Oh that does sound complicated.

I don’t really follow you, are you saying I need to connect a Raspberry Pi to my Nucleus via USB, then the Pi to an endpoint in some way?

No you need a separate machine to run HQP on and either that machine or a Pi (or a streamer that supports HQP streaming protocol like the Zen Stream) to connect to the project USB Dac.

Then you will have beautiful music

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Or you can just connect DAC directly to your HQPlayer server… You don’t need to have a network endpoint, that is just optional extra. For most of my DACs I don’t have such. All of my HQPlayer Embedded servers have DACs directly connected to the server.

Interesting. How you connect your DAC directly to your HQPlayer server?

The same way you would connect it to the endpoint, USB?

So a simple USB to USB between MacMini and USBridge (=Raspberry Pi) should work? Actual I’m using Ethernet-Router-Ethernet.

What he means is a USB cable directly from the HQP server to your USB DAC.

He uses this direct USB cable HQP Embedded (Linux) server.

There may be benefits to using a HQP endpoint (called NAA, like with Roon Bridge) but you don’t necessarily have to.

Someone can have Roon Nucleus and have a USB cable directly to their USB DAC.

Maybe specify the models of the actual devices in use and how they connect together.

Makes it easier to follow and give advice.

Ok, understand, thanks. Then I’ll keep my NAA connection to USBridge via Ethernet, because I want to switch between clean USB and SPDif output on the USBridge.

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