Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

I meant nope to Tor.

@Tor_Gunnar_Burland the JS2 works perfectly with the Nucleus+ I have been running my Nucleus+ using it for 4 months now running continuously

It is very expensive. Teddy Pardo is twice cheaper and I think that the noise level is not more (probably less).

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I don’t doubt that at all…the OP asked if the JS2 worked with Nucleus and it does

19V/10A on the HDPlex

19V/3.42A is a nice middle ground… it will accept 12-19v according to Intel. Lower volts means higher amps. Around 60-65W should cover the load in all cases.


This is not the first time that power is up on this forum the last time I measured my NUC7i5 and yes it will work with 12-19V and here are some figures.

I measured my NUC7i5 today it has M.2 SSD for ROCK OS and second SSD for music.

This is with regular 44.1/16 no DSP

19Vdc average 0.57A (10.83W) and peak 1.5A
15Vdc average 0.69A (10.35W) and peak 2.1A
12Vdc average 0.81A (9.72W) and peak 2.8A

Average is during play to Roon endpoint. Peak was during start up.

I have not measured amp usage during a scan for example but if all cores are being used during a library scan I suppose we can see constant use high as peak is in my test.


The peak figures in W are probably more important for someone looking for a PSU. Plus these figures will go higher than yours with multiple USB drives hanging off Nucleus.

So the safer advice is @danny’s advice of 60W+ unless someone is able to measure, like you can.

This is one of the best linear PSU’s on the planet. If I had my DAC directly USB connected to my ROCK’ed NUC or Nucleus, this is the one I’d be getting. 12Vdc at 5Amp continuous (60W) and 10Amp (120W) peak…

12-19v via its connector at the rear. 12-24v via an on board alternative connector not used on the Nucleus. Unless the specifications are different for the most recent NUC boards or you have chosen to power them differently.


@Henry_McLeod – you are right… i pulled up the wrong docs.

I’m also planning to use the linear power supply for my cable box and Vero 4K. Nothing against JS2, I know it is great :slight_smile: But would like to get away with only one box.

I have used Teddy Pardo power supplies before mainly for Naim replacements Super cap, Flatcap and so on with fantastic susses. Can someone please let me know if this unit would suit the Nucleus it’s, 19V 3.5A Power Supply
Link to the actual unit
I’m going to try and run the Nucleus (SOLO) and output directly to the USB DAC.
Thank you in advance M


Which connector do we need on the umbilical cable? You can choose 5.5mm/2.5mm or 5.5mm/2.1mm? No mention of this on the thread yet. Just ordered a Nucleus and have been wondering about adding a LPS, as I’ll be using the USB output.

My NUC have a 5.5/2.5mm connector so I would asume a Nucleus is the same.

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I just ordered a couple of these…one stand alone for an existing PC setup and to power my NUC and another for powering some RPi units other devices plus a new PC for use as a ripper. Not shipping yet but will do this month. not cheap but well made I think.


I ordered a Nucleus last weekend, can’t wait to get it. I just have a simple question, is the power connection on the Nucleus 5.5mm x 2.5mm? I’ll consider to buy a LPS as well.
Please advice.

Yes, that is correct, 5.5mm x 2.5 mm.

Tonight I used a DC cable terminated with 5.5mm x 2.5mm when setting up my Nucleus that just arrived.

Using Vinnie Rossi Mini Pure-DC-4EVR UltraCapacitor Power Supply.

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Just got my HDPLEX 200W. This is an excellent unit and especially great if you want to power a nucleus / nucleus+ and additional devices.

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Is there an audible difference between the hdplex and the power brick?

After introducing the Trinnov Altitude32 to my system; I have hidden away the Nucleus+ in a different room, so no need to fancy linear power supply anymore. I think it is important for everyone to know that the Nucleus with linear power supply only gives any potential benefit if you connect the DAC directly to the Nucleus. Adding this to a standalone Nucleus with only network cable attached (and power of course) is in reality a waste of money.

Just a warning :slight_smile: