Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

Sure I see your attitude which is definitely great - and exciting to follow the scientific approach.
I was actually just trying to convey it‘s also ok to remain open minded as still not all factors are determined to judge sound quality.

I wish there was respectively will be anytime soon so wouldn’t need to invest that much time in trying out / listening / judging various changes and updates in my Hi-Fi chain.
So long in the meantime experience (and in that case very important to say that it’s not based on bias as I do many blind testing and it’s by far not the way „the more expensive the better sounding“) is still the benchmark.

And @Amir_Majidimehr at ASR is not “the only trustworthy source” – there’s also @Archimago. :rofl:

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A polite reminder to everyone responding to this thread.

Take note of the title, and stay on topic. Likewise, please avoid endless contrarianism and axe grinding. Make your point, and move on.

And finally, criticize ideas, not people. Thanks.


Amen. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

I think you said, earlier in thread, you were expecting a Stack Audio VOLT this month. First thoughts you could share? (I’m going to order one later next week.) Thanks.

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Hi Iain,
Well to be truthful, I did not have the best experience with my order from Stack Audio. In fact, I have only had it in my procession a short time. Too complicate matters, I have changed all my ethernet cables to full loom Audioquest Vodka. I have also added a Ifi Audio Elite power supply on my router and already had a Silent Angel Forester F1 power supply on my English Electric network switch. I also changed all power leads, except for Naim Powerline to Atom HE, for Audioquest NRG-Y3.I can only say that the Volt does power the Nucleus and does operate. I wish I had more time to have listened to the Volt with the Nucleus in isolation. What I can say, is that there is a change in the system. However, I need more time to burn all the new cables and power supply’s in. Sorry, I could not be more helpful Iain at this time. In fact, I think you will probably informing me what the Volt does for the Nucleus.:blush:


Hi NoNaim,
Thanks for taking the time to respond in such a detailed manner and so honestly - it’s really appreciated.
To say you’ve a lot going on is the understatement of the year!
That said like your thinking so hope the changes gel and deliver over time.
With respect to your bad experience was this delays or sub standard equipment?
I’ve had some correspondence with Theo Stack already who seemed fine but please let me know if you have another view here.

Hi Iain,
I placed my order for the Volt, via Ebay. To be fair to Stack Audio, I have to say I did purchase it at a reduced price, At the time, Stack Audio had component shortages, so I knew there would be a delay in receiving the item. Time passed, still not received; so when I got in touch, I got the impression they had forgotten my order. They then sent me courier details, but missed the courier. It was at this point, Theo offered me a goodwill gesture (further discount). I received the item and after further correspondence, my discount. I know from Theo’s words, that communication could have been better, but hey - we got there in the end. I cannot complain, after receiving two discounts :blush:
I will say on thing about the Volt, it is substantially made. It feels quite solid in its construction and is quite weighty for its size.


I think that one of the reasons that power supply changes make a difference is about the noise impact that poor quality power supplies make to other pieces of audio gear plugged into the same mains spur. Some changes in power supplies I have made to other components have negatively affected other sources and components in my stereo system.

Regards Andrew

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Is there any well designed SMPS? Any suggestion?

Have a nice week-end :+1:


Meanwell make good switched mode PSU’s.

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Thanks @Henry_McLeod :slight_smile: I will give it a try - GSM40B07-P1J. It can only be better compared to the power supply that came with my FMC. Will have to pay €33,99 for GSM40B07-P1J - compared to €34,51 for the FMC incl. power supply :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a nice WE


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The iFi iPower Elite is really nice and has very good measurements. I can also lend you one for testing.


Hello Malla,
How does this one compare to other ones?
Asking because it is almost 4 times more expensive as the Nucleus itself (not talking about a Nucleus Plus)
I am using a Farad Super 3 with all additional options for my Nucleus Plus and satisfied BUT… I only compared it to the standard power supply and a Keces. So never went to the next level but still very curious.



And still not having a decent power cord in the equation.


Sorry, I was wrong the DC3 is more or less the same price as a Nucleus. The DC4 is more or less 4 times the price of a standard Nucleus.
Power Cord is probably available here somewhere in a box with many others :wink:

Still curious and not making jokes about expensive power supplies as long as I can hear a great improvement.


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Is it really me making jokes? Not sure … :wink:


IMHO the SMPS is junk - very noisy. Sean is a very experienced electronics engineer and also services and upgrades all Naim equipment. I’m “all-in” with Naim, and have a 500 system, so the thought of using his services was attractive. Build quality of the LPS is excellent and very quiet…

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Hi. Does it give sufficient power for the NUC8i7?

Hi! Does anyone use a Sotm sPS-500 power supply for Roon Nucleus +, how are your impressions? :thinking: