Best Location for Roon Database?

Hello, I’m a super new user to Roon and just setting things up for the first time, but want to make sure that I’ve done so optimally.

  1. I have the Roon database saved on the same physical location as the Roon music library. I’ve read that it is suggested to have the Roon database saved to a SSD, which I have done. So, in my particular case, I have a mirrored volume of SSDs on a QNAP NAS where the Roon database and music library reside. Otherwise, I felt that it would be a waste of NAS bay space to install a separate SSD for the Roon database itself.

Is this an acceptable configuration?

  1. The Roon database and music library are located on the root of the same volume mentioned above.

Is having the two located in this way reccomended?

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @Country_King and welcome to the Roon forums. Having your database and music across a set of mirrored SSDs should work well enough. It’ll depend on the size of the library, and how you use Roon to some degree. If you stream a lot then music read activity from the NAS will be minimal. Depending on your NAS CPU that may be the bottleneck if it’s the core. You could just see how it goes, if performance is a problem then deal with real issues as they arise. Premature optimization and all that…

Hello and thank you for the prompt greetings and suggestions!

The NAS CPU is an i5 six core and the NAS serves as the Roon Core. Interesting suggestion on the potential of a bottleneck. The library size is 500GB.

I’ll just see how it performs as you had suggested. So far it appears just fine. (I was fearful that having the database and library in the same directory would mess something up.)

Thanks again!

Unless you’re planning heavy DSP or upsampling that’s all likely to be fine, enjoy.

Thank you kind sir! Will do!

Take care,


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