Best Loudspeaker amplifier matchup

I have a client who is interested in the Sonus Faber Serafino. I have not had an opportunity to listen them yet but I’m trying to determine some good preamp power amp matches. My first thoughts were Mac MC301 mono amps but they were too big for the wife. This speaker by spec seems to want a bit of power if he wants to push them to Led Zeppelin levels? If you would kindly suggest some DACpre, single box 2 channel power amp and of course there will be a Nucleus+. As always, much appreciated.


NCore technology can combine diminutive proportions with enough power to drive anything. If money is no issue something based on the NCore 1200 modules would be good. There is the Benchmark AH2B. Finally you can look at the little Mytek power amplifiers.


Some people use Peachtree kit.

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Yep, I have that amp.

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You have to love an optimist :slight_smile:

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thank you. looks like we’re going with bel canto mono blocks and mytek brooklyn.

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