Best MQA sound from Tidal on Roon on Arcam AV40

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What is the best settings within Roon for my Arcam AV40 in which to get a full unfold off a Tidal MQA masters track?

Is the Arcam capable of a full unfold?

Or should I be using the ROCK as a core decoder and the Arcam as a renderer?

I’ve noticed when I’ve done those settings that roon ready logo disappears from the Arcam, which is the best settings for the Roon software and DAC on the Arcam?

Hi Kevin,

In Roon, set your AV40 to decoder and renderer.

If you apply any DSP in Roon, enable MQA core decode in Roon.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Some additional info here and here.

Can you tell me why the Roon ready logo disappears when decoding and rendering.? Does that cause any detrimental problems to the sound?

Would not know why the logo disappears.

Try setting your Arcam to renderer and enable Roon core decode.

Hey Kevin,

Your question about the Roon Ready logo on Arcam disappearing, I would say Arcam would be in a better position to answer that. As long as the signal path is announcing bit perfect in Roon, i think you are good.

Hey @kevin_hough,

If you can tell us how you have your settings configured when the light goes out? Is this a Roon or MQA indicator light? Thanks

Hi Jamie I’ve managed to get it sorted thanks now all working fine, i just unticked the mqa core decoder and set the rendering to… Decoder and renderer… Now on a flac 16 bit file the roon ready indicator lights, when a mqa file plays the mqa light… Lights… The two lights are on top of each other they can’t light up at the same time. I’ve now got a far better understanding how it works.

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Hey @kevin_hough

I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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